Foreign Languages week!

20 мая 2019
Today, we started our Foreign Languages week with lots of activities.
Several pupils from Grade 6 gave a lesson on ‘Films and TV programmes’ to the 3rd graders. Students learned about film aspects and genres, made a short video with special effects, had a competition and even received prizes for their work at the end of the lesson.
The 1st graders created puppets and decorations for the puppet theatre, which they used to act out a creative story.
Grade 3 had a chance to explore the English language from a cultural angle. They took part in a Quiz dedicated to English proverbs and idioms. Every day students will compete against each other to see who knows the idioms the best, but only a lucky few will receive a golden ticket to the finals, which will be held on Thursday.
Grade 3 also took part in an intellectual Quest. They were all ‘travellers’. Unfortunately, they found themselves in the UK without their credit cards and were unable to buy tickets to get back home. In order to get a credit card, they had to pass through 5 different stations. We are proud to announce that all of the children succeeded and received a gold or even platinum card!