Science Week in Kindergarten!

21 февраля 2020
This week has been Science Week and Kindergarten classes have been learning about the solar system, air, water, and earth. Every day we learned through fun and interesting experiments, as well as cool craft activities. We made solar system models with all the planets, had races blowing ping pong balls to show that air exists even if you can’t see it, recreated a part of the water cycle, and saw a volcanic eruption happen outside! From successfully completing challenges, we earned puzzle pieces which fitted together to make a rocket. On Thursday, Year 2 classes completed a quest outside, where their knowledge of space was tested, they decided what astronauts need to take with them to space, threw bags at planets, learned about famous astronauts, walked with funny space shoes, and tested gravity using a parachute. From these quests, they made a map, and found the hidden treasure – another one of our puzzle pieces! On Friday, we held our own Science Fair where the children could demonstrate and describe their planets that they made at home. In the afternoon, we had a whole kindergarten assembly where children read a story, chanted the names of the planets in order, and sang the song “Zoom, zoom, zoom, we’re going to the moon”, all whilst wearing their own alien masks!