This week was our International Week!

04 октября 2018
This week was our International Week! All week we have been learning interesting information about our countries, ranging from Kenya to Ireland, Bolivia to Papua New Guinea. We now know about their capital cities, their unique animals and their tasty food.

Throughout the week, we had visits from children in primary school, where we were able to share our information, both in English and in Russian.
On Friday morning, we gathered together to watch performances from all the classes. Everyone was dressed up – what lovely colours and costumes! We performed traditional dances, songs in foreign languages, and country fact files. After this, we completed our passport back in class, now full of visa stamps from all the different countries. We also made souvenir plates, decorated with symbols from their respective countries. It sure has been a busy week, but we now have a better understanding of some of the amazing countries and cultures from around the world.